Open the doors of Perception

Remember how HE took our place.

Remember how HE took our place.

^Remember how He took our place.

^Remember how He took our place. Cr:

Imagine yourself being sentence to death for a crime that you have committed then suddenly the jail guard told you that you are free and will be released. This had shocked you and you ask the guard about it, he just said that someone is willing to pay for your sins so that you will be free from it. Someone had given up His life for…

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Hyomyguard Lim opened a tumblr account!!!!!!!!!!I have to calm down really ^_^

A GorJess Day
gg jessie 44

You deserve a birthday greetings ^_^

I might be a day late for your birthday but I will not let it be a days late. April 18, I was expecting that this day will be a little busy for most SONEbut because of one tragic event we decided not to trend your special day. We know that you want us to stay still and pray for more survivors to be found. #PrayForSouthKorea it is. I certainly know that feeling…

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snsd + airport + black

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I see no difference. LOL

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JeTi First Impressions

Jessica: She was like a little princess. She was like a little baby.. A daddy's girl. And she was like "I DON'T WANT KOREAN FOOD! I WANT PIZZA!!! I WANT SPAGHETTI!!!"

Tiffany: That's when we knew we were polar opposites.

Jessica: She.. She was really loud.

Tiffany: I still am.

Jessica: When she walks into a room she'd be like "HAI~!!!!!"

Tiffany: I remember.

Jessica: Well yeah that's why we're the opposite. I'm really quiet.. And she's like really loud. And she never stops smiling!

Tiffany: When I walked into the room I was like *gasp* "AMERICAN GIRL!!" And she was like "Oh my god."

Words wouldn`t be enough to describe this. Aren`t you glad they exist?

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140330 Jessica by 류아주

no one does that better than Jessie

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