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How are you precious readers?

How are you precious readers?

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How are you my awesome readers and of course to those people who happen to just browse over this site. It’s been a while isn’t it? I know that I haven’t posted much articles or no activity during the last month. The last post I made was back in August 1 right? I did post something yesterday but that is because they just simple deserve the recognition they need.

I really don’t want this site to…

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[M/V] Ladies Code-So Wonderful

[M/V] Ladies Code-So Wonderful



I first learned about this group when Wonder Girls’ Sunye posted a photo with them on her twitter account. Ladies Code has been quite popular in Wonderful community because they had mention that it is Wonder Girls that they look up to.

A sudden or rather shocking news pops up on my news feed and it is about the tragic accident that happened to this wonderful group. This…

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Turning each road your own catwalk! Fashionista written all over

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That’s right TOP oppa protect our dear Sohee!

That’s right TOP oppa protect our dear Sohee!

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Cutie Yoong!

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Ha:tfelt is ain’t nobody!

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How to go down the stairs the Ha:tfelt way!

How to go down the stairs the Ha:tfelt way!

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Wonderfuls will always support you

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